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Baby Einstein Great for Calming Babies

Jacqueline uses Baby Einstein videos to help calm Nathan for bedtime:
“Baby Einstein has to be the best creation ever. My 18-month-old son, Nathan, loves these videos. It calms him down for bed. When he gets grumpy I just pop it in and he claps his hands and laughs. He even points out things in the videos. His favourite one is the animal and Baby Van Gogh. Thank you so much for making something that my baby is interested in because I cannot get him to sit down and watch anything else except Baby Einstein.”

Ardith uses Baby Mozart to help calm her colicky son:
“My son Matthew was very colicky between 6 weeks and 3 months of age. A good friend recommended the Baby Mozart video to help him relax and calm him down. When he was two months old I bought it and it was a miracle video. Not only was he calmer, he would actually go to sleep.... He is now 18 1/2 months old and has all of the videos. He enjoys the music, colour and puppets in the videos. He dances, claps and laughs out loud at the puppets during their funny scenes. His vocabulary has been increasing recently to include animal names and sounds... Thank you for your wonderful videos. I recommend them to everyone I know who has young children... Keep up the good work.”

Michelle feels Baby Einstein videos are the best investment:
“My son loves your videos so much that we have decided that they are the best investment that we have brought home. He could be completely upset about something and the sound of Baby Mozart or any of the others will immediately make him stop crying. He has a variety of facial expressions while watching the different parts of the video and is also able to identify the music of the video in general, even if I'm just playing a musical CD. They have been almost like a babysitter to me; while I take a shower or wash the dishes, I can just pop in a video and he is completely glued to the television for the whole duration of the show. I think Baby Einstein has revolutionised the idea of a parent letting his or her child watch television. It's simply one of the greatest ideas to hit the market. Congrats!!!! I buy them whenever I need to buy a present for a new baby and in the card I write, 'you'll soon see why I bought you this!'”

Baby Mozart makes bedtime for these twins a pleasant experience:
“Getting my 6-month-old twins ready for bed at night was turning into a difficult experience. With both babies tired and cranky, neither one wanted to wait for a turn in the bath. My husband and I were becoming frantic, until the night we played the Baby Mozart video. They calmed down immediately. Now my daughter will watch happily while her brother is bathed, and then my son takes his turn. We use the accompanying CD in their nursery to further calm them to sleep. Thank you so much for your wonderful products! It has made evenings in our household much happier!”


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